Mansel Carter Oasis Park

Queen Creek, Arizona, USA

Mansel Carter Oasis Park baseball fields lit with Musco's TLC for LED system.

Town of Queen Creek Turns to Musco’s LED Technology for Long-Term Expansion Project at Town Park

The Challenge

Mansel Carter Oasis Park in Queen Creek, Arizona, is the town’s newest and largest park. With its broad range of amenities, and centrally located lake, the park maintains a unique aesthetic that has drawn in crowds from across the state. A large portion of the park’s 48-acres is designated to two multi-purpose fields and four baseball diamonds. For the athletic facilities, town officials needed a partner with innovative lighting solutions to help minimize spill and glare for neighbors, simplify operation of the system, and assist in the town’s long-term park expansion project.

The Solution

Queen Creek town leaders traveled to other municipalities to visit facilities with Musco’s Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ system for a firsthand look at the system’s performance. The town determined Musco’s technology was exactly what it needed. Homes neighboring the facilities aren’t affected by glare thanks to Musco’s patented visoring technology and factory-aiming expertise. Additionally, the town will receive extensive support and 24/7 monitoring of its systems for many years with the Control‑Link® controls service—which allows town staff to manage the lights with the touch of a smartphone.

“With the park site being 100% surrounded by residential homes, the #1 concern from those living nearby was sports field lighting. With the Musco systems, we’ve had multiple neighbors call back after we opened Mansel Park to tell us how amazed they are by the lack of light spill – their backyards and windows are still dark!”

— Adam Robinson
Recreation Manager
Town of Queen Creek

Project Facts

System: New Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ system
Number of Fixtures: 167 total
Energy Reduction: 77% overall
Footcandle Average:
  • Soccer- 30
  • BB/SB- O-30/I-50
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