We Make It Happen®

Since 1976, Musco has focused on the design and manufacture of sports and transportation/infrastructure floodlighting systems, from hometown Little League® fields to professional sports stadiums and ports around the globe.

Offering permanent and temporary floodlighting systems for new and retrofit projects, we bring first-hand knowledge and experience with the many issues that impact players, spectators, neighbours, television broadcasts, and staff.

Our Solutions Meet the Unique Requirements of Sports and Large Area Floodlighting

It begins by asking the right questions.

  • How much light is enough?
  • Is LED right for your project?
  • How can installation, operation, and maintenance costs be minimised?
  • How can a floodlighted facility be a good neighbour?

Our System Approach – Lighting Projects Made Simple™

Built on a foundation of responsibility to everything being impacted.

  • Practical, affordable, and trouble-free
  • Simple to purchase, install, and operate
  • Good for your budget and the environment
  • Factory-wired, aimed, tested and shipped to you in 5 Easy Pieces™

Our Team Advances Sports and Transportation/Infrastructure Floodlighting

Through more than 40 years of research and innovation.

  • Solving problems and making projects happen for customers
  • Increasing product performance and raising industry standards
  • Using practical experience and putting our systems on the line for you, your project, and your community

Thousands of schools, cities, facility owners, and transportation operators have counted on Musco as part of their team, and as a result have gotten the most value for their floodlighting budget.

About Us

Our Partners

Musco is a long time supporter of a variety of organisations that provide recreational opportunities, and we proudly offer our assistance to help ensure a safer and more enjoyable playing experience.  Learn more

Industry Awards

Our innovation and quality floodlighting over the past four decades has earned awards at the highest levels of our industry.   Learn more