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Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport Reduces Energy Consumption and Operating Costs with New LED Apron Floodlighting

Bristol Airport opened in 1930 at its original site at Whitchurch in Bristol and relocated to the present location, a former RAF airfield in 1957. Today it’s the ninth busiest airport in the United Kingdom, providing service to more than 8.1 million passengers in 2017 alone.

With an eye on energy efficiency and operating costs, ownership at Bristol determined that it was time to replace its existing HID apron floodlighting with an LED system. After exploring a variety of options from different manufacturers, they chose to partner with Musco and have its Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ system installed.

Key benefits included:

  • Retrofit Solution – factory aimed, wired, and tested to be retrofitted onto the airport’s existing columns for easy installation.
  • Energy Efficient – with the new LED lighting in place, energy consumption at Bristol Airport will be reduced by 45 per cent compared to the prior metal halide equipment.
  • Zero Maintenance – Musco’s long-term warranty covering parts and labour means airport owners won’t have to handle any maintenance of the lights, or pay for it, for 10 years.
  • Improved Visibility – the custom optics and patented glare control deliver much greater light uniformity throughout the gate areas, putting high-quality light only where needed.
  • Total Light Control – the system’s impressive cut-off preserves darkness around the airport and doesn’t create glare that could impact pilots and air traffic controllers.

With the energy savings and eliminated maintenance, Bristol Airport will realise a 10-year savings of more than £305,000.

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