Empower Field at Mile High

Denver, Colorado, USA

Empower Field at Mile High

Denver Broncos Make One of the NFL’s Best Stadiums Even Better with TLC for LED™ Technology

“Working with Musco has been great. On time, on budget, met all the specs and actually exceeded the specs. There’s not much more we could ask. We’re really excited about having a long-term partner in Musco, somebody we know we can trust and that’s always going to be there. We’re excited about the next 20 years of not having to worry about our lights.”

— Jay Roberts General Manager Empower Field at Mile High

With its current HID lighting approaching 20 years of age and becoming less reliable, the Denver Broncos determined it was time for a new system at Empower Field at Mile High. The organisation had been researching
LED lighting over the past few years, wanting to ensure the technology would be reliable and affordable. After reaching out to other NFL teams
for feedback on a number of lighting manufacturers, and with its existing knowledge of the industry, the Broncos chose Musco and its
TLC for LED™ system.
  • The Broncos got the reliable solution it needed, after conducting extensive research and choosing Musco for its reputation and service, proven LED system-based technology,
    and proactive 24/7 performance monitoring to ensure
    seamless operation.
  • Players and fans will enjoy a better experience, with improved visibility, reduced glare around the stadium, and
    Musco’s special effects technology for pre-game, halftime, and post-game light shows.
  • Television viewers will see an improved HD broadcast that exceeds NFL standards, thanks to the system’s ability to put the LED’s whiter and more evenly distributed light onto the field, avoid creating shadows, and make colours pop.
  • Servicing the lights is simplified, with remote drivers located inside the stadium’s scoreboards, where they’re protected from the weather and for easy access, eliminating the need for staff to ascend to the light rack.
  • The Broncos won’t pay any maintenance costs through the year 2044, as a result of Musco’s long-term warranty covering every part and all labour, as well as guaranteed light levels well into the future.
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