Light-Structure System™—A Complete Outdoor Solution

Light-Structure System™—A Complete Outdoor Solution

Our Light-Structure System™ revolutionised Outdoor Floodlighting, making it easier than ever for venues of all sizes to benefit from the quality and reliability for which Musco is known.

Using an HID or LED source, the system’s 5 Easy Pieces™ incorporate lighting, structural, and electrical components, and features improved luminaire efficiency, our innovative Smart Lamp™ operating system, increased durability, and a level of light control that cannot be matched.

5 Easy Pieces™

With 5 Easy Pieces™—a solution complete from foundation to pole top—you’ll benefit from streamlined installation, trouble-free operation, a comprehensive corrosion package, and the highest level of performance from a system designed and engineered to work together.

For Your Budget

Light-Structure System™ comes factory wired, aimed, tested, and ready to deliver guaranteed light levels and precise control at your facility, which will result in a significant reduction in energy consumption and, ultimately, your operating costs.

For the Environment

The system will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, cutting your energy consumption by up to 80 percent. And with the virtual elimination of glare and wasteful light spill into the surrounding area, your neighbours will enjoy a welcomed curtain of darkness.

The efficiency of your Light-Structure System™ will be further enhanced with Control-Link™, our innovative monitoring service that enables you to schedule and control your lights from a smart phone, web page, or our 24/7 call center.