Port of Miami
South Florida Container Terminal

Miami, Florida, USA

Port of Miami

Complete TLC for LED® System with Structural Crossarms Gives Port of Miami the Solution it Needs for Communication Antennas

South Florida Container Terminal (SFCT), located at the Port of Miami, is a major full-service marine terminal for cargo moving to and from all areas of the globe. The Port of Miami determined it was time to upgrade to new LED lighting to increase light levels, improve safety with better visibility for workers, and reduce spill light and glare affecting Miami’s downtown area and homes on the surrounding islands. SFCT also needed a solution that would allow it to mount new communication antennas, which wasn’t possible with the existing lowering ring devices. After exploring a wide range of options, Musco’s TLC for LED® system was the only solution capable of meeting all of SFCT’s needs.

  • SFCT’s communication antennas were mounted to the system’s poles, which wouldn’t have been possible with other manufacturers that only provide individual fixtures using the existing lowering rings.
  • Despite SFCT’s very tight timeline of just six weeks, the project was successfully completed due to Musco’s decades of experience and expertise in planning, design, and project management.
  • Crews at the terminal enjoy a safer working environment and better visibility with the system’s uniform distribution of light and light levels that meet and exceed requirements.
  • Downtown Miami to the west and South Beach to the east aren’t affected by glare or light spill thanks to the system’s patented glare control using the visoring technology that directs the light precisely where intended.
  • Operating costs have been reduced and energy consumption has been cut by 34 per cent compared to the previous floodlighting, helping SFCT’s bottom line and lessening its impact on the environment.
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