Meridian Community College

Meridian, Mississippi, USA

Night photo of Meridian Community College outdoor sports facilities after soccer and baseball field lighting upgrade with Musco

Meridian Community College Upgrades Field Lighting with Musco, Generating Spark in Overall Fan and Player Engagement

The Challenge

The Solution

“I’ve had people come to the games because they saw the energy and excitement associated with the lights. When the lights first started flashing our baseball players poured out of the dugout and were making a big deal about it. I looked over at the coach and said, ‘That is why we got the lights.’ Musco had the same kind of excitement that we had. That tells me they believe in the product and know how important it is to our student-athletes, to our fans, and to people like me.”

—Dr. Tom Huebner
Meridian Community College

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ system;
Show-Light+® with RGBU-U

Number of Fixtures: 128

Light Levels:
  • Baseball:
    • Infield: 70 footcandles
    • Outfield: 50 footcandles
  • Soccer: 50 footcandles
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