Millard Public School District Buell Stadium

Omaha, Nebraska , USA

Buell Stadium football field lit at night with Musco TLC for LED system

Millard School District Uses LED Technology to Create Distinctive Game Night Atmosphere at Shared Stadium

The Challenge

With three of Millard Public School District’s four high schools utilizing Buell Stadium for football, soccer, and track, district leaders determined a facility upgrade was necessary in order to provide a unique stadium experience for each team. In addition to providing the best possible game night atmosphere, the district needed a solution that would improve light levels for television broadcasts as well as prevent spill and glare from disrupting major roadways and neighborhoods around the stadium.

The Solution

Millard School District had several facilities lit by Musco and knew of its ability to deliver high-quality lighting systems with a range of included benefits. District leaders decided to again partner with Musco for its Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ system and Show‑Light® entertainment package. Light levels are enhanced as a result of the system’s custom optics delivering more uniform light to the field, while Musco’s patented visoring technology cuts off wasted spill light to preserve darkness around the stadium. And the entertainment package features light shows, special effects, and color-changing capabilities that help create a unique, exciting experience for any team utilizing the stadium.

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control—TLC for LED™, Show-Light® entertainment package (RGBW)
Number of Fixtures: 74
Energy Reduction: 77%
Footcandle Average: 75
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