Minnetonka Big Willow Softball

Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA

Minnetonka softball field with lit with Musco's TLC for LED retrofit

Big Willow Park Resolves Softball Fields’ Lighting Issues with Musco’s LED Retrofit

  • Athletes will enjoy superior visibility thanks to the system’s custom optics designed around the LEDs and Musco’s unique BallTracker® technology, providing much better on-field light uniformity.
  • The City won’t pay any maintenance costs well into the future as a result of Musco’s long-term warranty covering every part and all labor, relieving the City’s concerns for any possible corrections or alterations.
  • Energy consumption is reduced by 74 percent compared to the old HID system, resulting in a much more energy efficient operation and significant savings in the coming years.
  • The system prevents glare and light spill from affecting the surrounding community, especially motorists on the heavily traveled Minnetonka Blvd, and home owners just north of the railroad tracks behind the fields.
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