Fort Missoula Regional Park

Missoula, Montana, USA

Fort Missoula Regional Park

Fort Missoula Regional Park Achieves Long-Term Lighting Goals While Preserving Dark Skies with TLC for LED®

  • Park users gain exceptional visibility and the lighting is dark-sky compliant as a result of the system’s precise light control, which also prevents glare or spill from affecting homes just north of the complex.
  • Staff can control the lights instantly, from anywhere, and have 24/7 support with Musco’s Control-Link® controls and monitoring system, simplifying facility management and avoiding late-night trips to the complex to manually turn lights off.
  • The park won’t pay any maintenance costs through the year 2044 with Musco’s long-term warranty and performance guarantee that covers every part of the system and all labor.
  • The lighting’s distinctive system engineering ensures better reliability and trouble-free operation, with electrical component enclosures located near the base of the pole, only a standard maintenance ladder is required for servicing, eliminating the need for a crane or lift.
  • Fort Missoula Regional Park is now home to the first LED-lighted softball complex in Montana, which has become a point of pride for the entire community.
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