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Dobbie Lambert Intramural Fields, Montana State University

Montana State University Expands Intramural Opportunities, Overcomes Spill Light Concerns with TLC for LED®
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Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (North Apron)

Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s TLC for LED® Retrofit Eliminates Maintenance Costs While
Enhancing Worker Safety
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Musco Lighting Invests $5 Million to Keep Kids Moving During Pandemic and Beyond

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Three years after launching It’s Everyone’s Game to dramatically increase access to soccer in underserved communities, the U.S. Soccer Foundation announced today that it has engaged 300,000 children in Soccer for Success and installed 380 mini-pitches nationwide. These milestones represent tremendous progress toward the goals of getting one million more kids playing soccer and creating 1,000 mini-pitches in underserved communities by 2026.

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