New Trier High School Football Field

Northfield, Illinois, USA

New Trier High School

New Trier Improves Light Levels and Visibility, Gains Remote Scheduling and 24/7 Support with LED Retrofit

  • Players and spectators experience better visibility with light levels of 40 footcandles applied uniformly across the field, as well as patented BallTracker® technology which allows the ball to be tracked through its entire flight.
  • The school can easily schedule the lighting well in advance to coincide with busy practice schedules, and staff can use their phones to control the lights instantly, from anywhere, with the system’s Control-Link® monitoring service.
  • Nearby homes directly across North Happ Road aren’t impacted by spill light or glare, nor are drivers on I-94 which passes the stadium to the west, as a result of the system’s patented visoring technology.
  • Energy consumption at Robert Naughton Field has been reduced by 74 percent compared to the prior lighting, helping to reduce overall cost of ownership for the school.
  • The school won’t have to pay maintenance costs through the year 2044 with Musco’s long-term warranty covering every part of the system and all labor involved with servicing it.
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