Northern State University

Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA

Northern State University

Northern State University Upgrades to Total Light Control–TLC for LED™ System to Aid Recruitment

The Challenge

With recruiting in college athletics becoming more competitive every year, Northern State University decided to set itself apart in the eyes of prospective recruits by upgrading its football, soccer, and lacrosse facilities. The university needed to find a lighting system that would create an unforgettable game night atmosphere for student-athletes and fans, avoid spill light and glare from affecting homes across the street, and be simple to operate.

The Solution

“Musco Lighting’s Control Link® System has given us the ability to streamline our facility usage, specifically for our evening events. We have utilized the scheduling option and Musco Lighting app to run the system without having to be physically present at the facility, giving our staff some much needed flexibility.”

— Terri Holmes
Associate Director of Athletics
Northern State University

Project Facts

System: TLC for LED® technology
Number of Fixtures: 74
Energy Reduction (compared to typical HID Equipment): 75%
Average Footcandle: 75
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