Oakridge Neighborhood Mini-Pitch

Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Musco Mini-Pitch System™ Modular Sports Solution situated between four of the brick apartment buildings that make up the Oakridge Neighborhood. Mini-pitch is lit at night with two factory-aimed TLC for LED fixtures, limiting spill and glared

Iowa's Largest Section 8 Housing Complex Brings
Soccer to Residents with Musco Mini-Pitch System™

The Challenge

The Solution

“We love an amenity like this that unites our community for wholesome fun, bringing together youth and adults who might not otherwise connect. On any given day, the mini-pitch is in play from morning until night, with teams of residents or area neighbors. Our youth department also utilizes the pitch for supplemental programming for students, and parents and older residents enjoy gathering to cheer for their favorite participants. With the new Pro Iowa stadium being built just blocks from Oakridge Neighborhood, we can’t help but wonder if some future pros might get their start right in our own backyard!”

— Teree Caldwell-Johnson
President and CEO
Oakridge Neighborhood

Project Facts

System: Mini-Pitch System™ modular sports solution; Total Light Control – TLC for LED™

Number of Fixtures: 2

Oakridge Neighborhood Mini-Pitch Photo Gallery