D.C. United Mini-Pitch

Washington, D.C., USA

D.C. United Mini-Pitch System™

U.S. Soccer Foundation Kicks-Off New D.C. United Mini-Pitch at
Petworth Recreation Center

“This new pitch will ensure that local D.C. youth will have a safe place to play the beautiful game and cultivate critical life skills like teamwork and confidence that will help them succeed on and off the pitch. Better still, thanks to Musco’s generous support, many youth and adults can play for longer hours with the inclusion of new lights as part of the space.”

— Ed Foster-Simeon
President & CEO
U.S. Soccer Foundation

As part of a national effort to positively impact the lives of young people through participation in soccer, the U.S. Soccer Foundation unveiled a new mini-pitch at Petworth Recreation Center in the Washington, D.C. area.

Research indicates that participation in after-school soccer programs can have a significant impact on the development of teamwork skills, can motivate kids to try harder in school, and can help them avoid anti-social behavior. The newly-built mini-pitch at Petworth Recreation Center will serve as a positive outlet for local youth to not just play soccer, but also develop critical life skills, boost confidence, and aid in their personal growth both on and off the pitch.

D.C. United Mini-Pitch Video