Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Mesa, Arizona, USA

Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport

New LED Apron Lighting at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport
Improves Worker Visibility and Safety

“The apron ramp lighting project at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is one of the most noticeable and talked about projects at the Airport. The before and after difference from installing the Musco lights is phenomenal. Safety and security were greatly increased which is what every airport wants.”

— Bob Draper
Engineering & Facilities Director
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

  • Ground crews enjoy better visibility and can operate more safely with the system’s increased light levels and improved uniformity throughout the gate areas.
  • Pilots and air traffic controllers won’t be affected by glare as a result of Musco’s patented optics and visoring that puts more high-quality light where intended and delivers amazing cut off to preserve darkness in the surrounding areas.
  • AZA administrators no longer have to worry about frequent repairs due to the complete system design with lighting, electrical, and structural components engineered to work together for better reliability.
  • The airport’s ownership won’t have to pay for maintenance until 2029 with Musco’s long-term warranty that covers every part of the system and all labor.
  • AZA reduced its energy consumption by 48 percent compared to the previous HPS apron lighting, making it more environmentally friendly and cutting operating costs significantly.
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