St. Pius X Catholic High School

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

St. Pius X Catholic High School

St. Pius X Reduces Glare Impact on Surrounding Neighborhood

“We were excited about the prospect of installing Musco’s TLC for LED system for our athletics, but our neighbors are equally as pleased with the effects. Within one day of installation, we heard from surrounding families that they no longer experienced the glare they had grown accustomed to. That’s a benefit to our entire community.”

— John Favier
Director of Operations
St. Pius X Catholic High School

Key benefits include:
  • Improved Visibility – light levels and light uniformity were significantly improved which resulted in better visibility for players on the field and spectators in the stands.
  • Eliminated Light Spill – TLC for LED’s patented light control technology virtually eliminated glare and light from spilling onto the neighborhood surrounding the stadium.
  • Energy Efficiency – the system improves energy efficiency by reducing the total amount of fixtures by 18 and cutting energy consumption by 58 percent.
  • Zero Maintenance – a comprehensive parts and labor warranty eliminates maintenance costs and concerns for St. Pius X for 10 years.
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