Podo Country Club

Gimcheon City, South Korea

Podo Country Club

Podo Country Club Capitalizes on Surging Interest in Night Golf, Avoids Disrupting Neighbors with Musco’s LED Technology

The Challenge

With the interest in night golf continuing to grow rapidly throughout South Korea, leaders at Podo Country Club felt the time was right to move ahead with the installation of lights at its world-class golf course. Among the project’s top priorities were the need to prevent glare from affecting players, and ensure spill light and glare would not disrupt homes located just south of the course. Controlling spill light would be a key challenge, given the flatness of the course and its surrounding geography. Additionally, club leaders wanted golfers to have the best possible nighttime visibility and be able to track the entire path of the ball in flight.

The Solution

“I was convinced we made the right decision to move ahead with Musco’s lighting solution when I heard from one of my friends that our course had the best night golf lighting in the region.”

— Kim Joo-young
Podo C.C.

Project Facts

System: TLC for LED® technology with BallTracker®

Number of Fixtures:
  • 810 (TLC-LED 1200)
  • 164 (TLC-BT 575)

Energy Reduction (compared to HID): 77%

Light Levels:
  • Tee: 200 lux/20 footcandles
  • Fairway: 150 lux/15 footcandles
  • Green: 400 lux/40 footcandles