Porter High School Football Field

Porter, Oklahoma, USA

Porter High School

Porter High School Completes Stadium Overhaul, Eliminates Long-Term Maintenance Concerns with LED System

  • The school won’t have to deal with maintenance concerns or costs through the year 2044 with Musco’s long-term warranty covering every part of the system and all labor, and costs are further reduced by the 73 percent cut in energy consumption compared to the prior lighting.
  • Players and spectators enjoy exceptional visibility created by increased on-field light levels, with an average of 30 footcandles across the field and much better uniformity as a result of the system’s custom optics designed around the LEDs.
  • Homeowners living directly east of the football stadium aren’t bothered by spill or glare as a result of patented glare control and visoring around the TLC for LED fixtures.
  • The school got the reliable, long-term lighting solution it needed from the retrofit system design which includes lighting, new structural cross arms, and electrical components engineered to work together.
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