Monterrey Baseball Stadium becomes the first baseball stadium in Latin America with LED lighting

March 28, 2018
Monterrey Baseball Stadium
Monterrey Baseball Stadium becomes the first baseball stadium in Latin America with LED lighting.

MONTERREY, MEXICO–The Sultans of Monterrey wanted to install a lighting system that would give their fans an unrivaled entertainment experience, and that would also meet the lighting requirements of Major League Baseball (MLB). In order to meet the new lighting requirements of the Mexican Baseball League (MBL), and in order to host exhibition and regular season games at Monterrey Baseball Stadium, the team’s managers had the task of installing a system that would provide 1500 lux in the infield and 1000 lux in the outfield. The Sultans found the right solution with the Total Light Control system – TLC for LED™ from Musco Lighting, making Monterrey Baseball Stadium the first baseball stadium in Latin America to install LED lighting.  

“Working with Musco was an experience with a high level of professionalism since we knew from the beginning that we could trust that the results were guaranteed,” says Chuy Granados, Project Manager of the Sultans of Monterrey. “The players gave positive comments as they could better see the field of play and everything related to the performance in the field. This is an excellent stadium to play baseball.”

The Musco system not only meets the lighting requirements of MLB and MBL, it also provides precise light control, directing light only to the surface. This not only decreases energy consumption, but also offers better visibility for players and fans.

“I have worked with many clients over my years in business but not many put the time and effort to properly do their research on products for their stadium,” says Bryan McNulty, assistant director of international sales for Musco. “The Monterrey team visited our Iowa facilities to meet team behind the product, check our manufacturing process and quality control, and to review product values. It showed the professionalism of the organization to find the right lighting partner. We have excited to have them as our partner and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

The Musco system includes many additional benefits:

  • Renewed entertainment experience – Includes instant on/off/dimming capabilities that maximize electricity consumption, and special light effects for an unrivaled fan experience.
  • Complete lighting system – Ensures reliable performance with structural, electrical and lighting components designed as a complete system.
  • Superior light quality for TV – Improves television broadcasts, eliminating the “flicker” effect during instant replay and provides focused light in areas of the playing field.
  • Comprehensive 10-Year Warranty – Includes a full 10-year warranty that covers parts, parts and labor, eliminating all costs associated with maintenance.

“For the Sultans of Monterrey baseball club, it is a priority to have the best baseball stadium in Latin America,” says Julián Villarreal, Director of Operations and Administration of the Sultans of Monterrey. “For our players and our fans, a first world stadium, requires first world lighting. The technical team of Sultans, and those responsible for the construction, took on the task of conducting research to have top of the line products in both lighting and grass. We found that Musco Ligthing was the only company that could meet the standards we were looking for.”

About Monterrey Baseball Stadium

We are the most modern and functional stadium in Latin America built since 1990. It was the first stadium where an MLB season game was played outside the United States in 1996 and also the first stadium where Opening Day was held in 1999. In addition to the sporting theme, Monterrey Baseball Stadium has hosted entertainment events ranging from concerts to rodeos.

About Musco Lighting

Since 1976, Musco Lighting has specialized in the design and manufacture of sports and large area lighting solutions around the world. Musco has pioneered systems using metal halide and LED technologies that have made dramatic improvements in energy efficiency and provided affordable ways to control spill light and glare. Permanent and temporary lighting solutions range from neighborhood pitches to Olympic Games. Musco has a global team of experts that partner with customers to plan, complete, and maintain a cost-effective, trouble-free lighting solution for their facility.

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