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GPA Appalacian Regional Port
GPA Appalachian Regional Port gains superior light control, safer work environment with Musco’s TLC for LED system.
Byron Center Middle School
Byron Center’s new West Athletic Complex gains superior visibility and glare control with Musco’s TLC for LED lighting system.
Ottumwa Jefferson Street Viaduct
The City of Ottumwa cuts energy, adds light show capabilities at Jefferson Street Viaduct with color-changing LED system.
Estadio Emilio Royo
Musco’s custom-designed stadium lighting at Estadio Emilio Royo helped Instituto Panameño de Deportes overcome installation challenges and achieve lighting goals.
Roosevelt High School
Musco’s TLC for LED system helped Roosevelt High overcome challenges with glare, spill and installation, and eliminate maintenance costs for
Bellevue East High School
Bellevue West and Bellevue East High Schools in Nebraska achieved all of their lighting goals with Musco’s TLC for LED
Lacey Sports Complex
Lacey Sports Complex will feature Big League light shows with the installation of Musco’s Show-Light entertainment package.
Lynden Pindling International Airport
Lynden Pindling International Airport solves maintenance, efficiency, and light quality issues with Musco’s TLC for LED apron lighting system.
San Diego International Airport
TLC for LED retrofit helps San Diego International Airport create safer work environment and save nearly $1 million over the
Estadio Caliente
Estadio Caliente sets its stadium experience apart in Latin America with Musco’s TLC for LED system and Show-Light+ entertainment package.