Riverdale Ridge High School

Thornton, Colorado, USA

Riverdale Ridge High School

Riverdale Ridge High School Achieves Lighting Goals at Four Newly-Built Sports Fields with TLC for LED® Systems

  • The school gained a single provider for all of its new sporting facilities with unmatched experience in the industry and a distinctive system approach that provides better reliability and single-source accountability.
  • Drivers on Yosemite St. and Riverdale Rd. directly west and south of the fields won’t be affected by glare or spill as a result of the systems’ patented light control and visoring technology.
  • Athletes and fans for all of Riverdale’s outdoor athletic programs will enjoy superior visibility with proper on-field light levels and uniformity from the systems’ precise light control and custom optics designed around the LEDs.
  • Riverdale Ridge won’t pay any maintenance costs through the year 2044, or have to worry about its own staff servicing the lights, due to Musco’s long-term warranty covering every part and all labor for each of the new LED lighting systems.
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