Rock Falls Township High School

Rock Falls, Illinois, USA

Rock Falls High School

Rock Falls High School Accomplishes Lighting Goals,
Preserves Time and Money after Partnering with Musco

Rock Falls Township High School recently decided to upgrade the lighting at its football stadium due to the previous system’s inability to provide first-rate visibility to its fans and players. Essentially, the school was looking to install higher poles so that players can track the ball better, while at the same time eliminating glare and light spill from intruding upon the neighbors. The availability of cooperative purchasing, which is offered by few other lighting companies, and the company’s considerable reputation, made the school confident that Musco was the perfect choice for the project.

  • The school was able to begin installation in a timely matter, after taking advantage of a cooperative purchasing contract through Musco, which saves time and money on the bid process.
  • Neighbors won’t be affected by glare or light spill, which was an initial concern for residents because of the higher poles, but after the first game neighbors reported no problem with glare, resulting from the system’s patented visoring technology.
  • The school gains a long-term partner as well as Musco’s extensive warranty which covers every part and all labor involved with the system for the next 25 years.
  • Players and fans enjoy superior visibility, after accomplishing an average of 50 footcandles on the field, and increasing the height of the poles allowing players to have a clear view of the ball in the night sky.
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