Scituate High School Athletic Complex

Scituate, Massachusetts, USA

Scituate High School football, baseball and softball fields uniformly lit with new Musco LED sports lighting while surrounding areas remain dark.

Scituate High School Expands Athletic Opportunities and
Extends Play Time with Musco LED Systems

The Challenge

The Solution

Project leaders were familiar with Musco’s systems and confident that its technology was the ideal solution for its athletic facilities. They opted to install Musco’s Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ system at each field. The system improves visibility on all surfaces, including the multisport fields—where the fixtures are strategically aimed to meet light levels for each individual sport. The Control-Link® service allows school staff to remotely operate the lights via smartphone and includes scheduling features that enable instant on/off programming. With Musco’s comprehensive warranty, the school won’t pay any maintenance costs until the year 2044.

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™

Number of Fixtures: 149

Light Levels:
  • Baseball and Softball:
    • Infield: 50 footcandles
    • Outfield: 30 footcandles
  • Football (stadium): 50 footcandles
  • Soccer (stadium): 50 footcandles
  • Football (multisport field): 50 footcandles
  • Soccer (multisport field): 40 footcandles
  • Baseball and Softball:
    • Infield: 2:1 max:min
    • Outfield: 2.5:1 max:min
  • Football (stadium): 2:1 max:min
  • Soccer (stadium): 2:1 max:min
  • Football (multisport field): 2.5:1 max:min
  • Soccer (multisport field): 2.5:1 max:min
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