Scott County Schools

Georgetown, Kentucky

Scott County Schools Brings “Light Shows Like the Pros” to Newly Built Birds Nest Stadium

The Challenge

When Scott County Schools in Georgetown, Kentucky, decided
to move ahead with building the district’s second high school,
it planned a new football stadium that would serve as the home
to both high school teams. In addition to creating the best
possible on-field lighting and visibility for players at Birds Nest
Stadium, the district wanted to deliver an unbelievable “Friday
Night Lights” experience with light shows and special effects
similar to the pros.

The Solution

The City of Georgetown had worked with Musco on previous lighting projects, and district leaders were well aware of Musco’s quality and reputation. They opted for a custom Total Light Control—TLC for LED® system with Show-Light+ entertainment package. In addition to the system’s color-changing technology as a way to highlight the unique colors of both schools, it also synchronizes individual fixtures with music for cutting-edge light shows to celebrate everything from player introductions to team wins.

  “With the Show-Light package, we can push a button and the lights play and dance to the music. We can push a button and the poles light up different colors. When Scott County’s playing we light it up red, when Great Crossing’s playing we light it up green. When they play each other, we can split it so both colors are there.”

— Daniel-Taylor Wells
Athletic Director Scott County Schools

Project Facts

System – TLC for LED® technology; Show-Light+™
Entertainment Package with RGBW fixtures
Number of Fixtures – 64
Energy Reduction – 75%
Footcandle Average – 50

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