School Field​

South Bend, Indiana

South Bend School Field

South Bend Saves Money and Time While Equipping School Field with
New Lighting System

  • The cooperative purchasing contract streamlined the installation process, which had to be completed in a very tight window of time before the start of football season.
  • Glare and light spill is prevented from affecting nearby homes on Sunnymede Avenue along the north side of the field, as well as residential areas located on the heavily traveled S Eddy St.
  • School Field has state-of-the-art lighting it can rely on for trouble-free operation as a result of Musco’s complete system approach, with lighting, structural, and electrical components designed to work together.
  • South Bend Public Schools won’t pay maintenance on the lights through the year 2044 with Musco’s long-term warranty covering every part and all labor.
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