Spokane International Airport

Spokane, Washington, USA

Spokane International Airport

Spokane International Airport Nearly Doubles Light Levels on the Apron
While Cutting Energy Consumption with TLC for LED® Retrofit

“The switch to LED for the high-mast ramp lights at GEG was driven by the desire to cut utility and maintenance costs. The reduced glare for pilots and air traffic control, and improved light quality on the ramp were great added benefits. The Musco Lighting design and installation process was easy and efficient.”

— Ryan H. Sheehan, A.A.E.
Director of Operations and Maintenance
Spokane Airports

  • The new system has nearly doubled light levels compared to the previous lighting, helping improve visibility, worker safety, and operational efficiency in the gate areas.
  • Energy consumption has been reduced 75 percent compared to the prior HID equipment, minimizing the airport’s environmental impact and cutting operating costs over the long term.
  • Maintenance costs have been eliminated through the year 2029 with Musco’s parts and labor warranty, and the system’s remote electrical enclosures means the LED power source can be serviced at the base of the pole without requiring a crane or lift.
  • Air traffic controllers and pilots can do their jobs free from glare, as a result of the system’s patented visoring around the TLC for LED fixtures.
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