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Sports Lighting Solutions

Every sports lighting project begins with questions. How much light is enough? Is LED right for you? How can costs be kept down and neighbors kept happy?

Sports venues have specialized needs when it comes to lighting. We’ve helped thousands of partners get the answers they need—from identifying funding resources, to system design, to installation and long-term service.

A Proven System

Our LED sports lighting—as well as our HID solutions—for new and retrofit projects incorporates lighting, structural, and electrical components, which provides streamlined installation, trouble-free operation, and long-term reliability.

Outdoor Lighting

Light-Structure System™ – A Complete Outdoor Solution

Designed in 5 Easy Pieces as a complete system from foundation to pole top, Light-Structure System delivers superior light control, is energy efficient, simplifies installation, and ensures better reliability.
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SportsCluster® System – An Ideal Retrofit and Relighting Solution

For facilities that have existing poles, specialty-use poles, or roof-mounted structures, our SportsCluster® system delivers the same pinpoint precision and energy reduction.
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Indoor Lighting

SportsCluster® System – A Solution for Indoor Arenas

Virtually eliminating glare, reducing energy consumption, and enhancing special effects lighting, SportsCluster® System has transformed major indoor arenas across the globe.
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Small Arenas and Gyms

Musco provides an energy-efficient solution for small arenas and gyms with multiple energy and light levels, providing flexibility and cost effectiveness.
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Special Effects Lighting

Show-Light® Entertainment Packages

Providing a cost-effective way to bring professional-level light shows to your venue, our Show-Light® entertainment package will energize players and fans and create a more memorable game atmosphere. The Show-Light+® package allows lights to be synchronized to music for an amazing audio and visual experience. Learn more

Facility Solutions

Control-Link® – System Monitoring and Management

The only system monitoring service of its kind, Control-Link® lets you schedule and control your lights from a smart phone, web page, or our 24/7 call center, and enables us to know when a problem arises before you do.
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Mini-Pitch System™ Modular Sports Solution

Our mini-pitch system—complete with lighting, fencing, and goals—offers a modular sports solution to turn small and abandoned spaces into a place for youth play soccer, build confidence, and have fun.
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MuscoVision® Automated Sports Broadcasting

Offering facility owners a complete, trouble-free solution for broadcasting games on their fields to viewers watching around the country, and generating new streams of revenue in the process.
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Custom Fabrication – Special Build Solutions

Our patented solutions can be customized to meet your unique needs through our special build and fabricating capabilities.
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Lighting Services – Testing and Maintenance

Our team of technicians can be on site to perform anything from light level testing to maintenance for out of warranty systems.
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Recent Projects

Denver Public Schools

Denver Public Schools Improves Light Levels and Adheres to City’s Energy Initiative with Multiple TLC for LED® Retrofits
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London Stadium

London Stadium Transforms Experience for Games, Concerts with Custom TLC for LED® System
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Mount Mercy University

Mount Mercy University Completes Premier Sports Complex with TLC for LED® Systems to Draw Regional, National Events.
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“The Musco LED Lighting System at LoConte Family Field has allowed us to increase programming by extending hours for our intramural sports. Additionally, the ability to program the lights remotely is a neat feature that is especially useful at that remote property.”

— Chris Cox
Assistant Director of Intramural Sports
Clemson University
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