SportsCluster® System — A Solution for Indoor Arenas

Our SportsCluster® system has been the choice for LED arena lighting at major venues around the country, transforming the experience of players, spectators, and fans watching HD broadcasts.

The system virtually eliminates disruptive glare and delivers a much cleaner, whiter light while enhancing special effects capabilities and reducing energy consumption.

Better Glare Control

Our patented, customized optics provide advanced glare control, enhancing the playing experience for the athletes on the court, spectators throughout the arena, and fans watching at home.

Lower Energy Consumption

With instant on/off capabilities and dimming controls for varied light levels, SportsCluster can reduce energy consumption by 60-80 percent when compared to typical metal halide systems.

Enhanced Broadcasts and Entertainment

The system eliminates the “flicker effect” during slow motion replays and focuses the light on the playing surface for better HD broadcasts, and allows for special effects during player introductions and halftime shows.

SportsCluster also comes with an HID light source. Whether HID or LED is right for you, Musco’s long-term parts and labor warranty provides guaranteed light levels and eliminates maintenance concerns and costs.