Sterlington Sports Complex

Sterlington, Louisiana, USA

Financing Options Make Sports Lighting Possible at Sterlington Complex

“If you have a Musco representative near you, talk to them. They’ll go out of their way to make sure a lighting solution is designed and engineered to fit your specific needs.”

— Caesar Velasquez
City of Sterlington

  • Sterlington was able to defer payment until after installation, allowing the new complex to start generating revenue; without this financing plan the lighting project wouldn’t have been possible.
  • Further cost savings were realized thanks to the system’s customized design which applied light to the complex’s parking lot as well.
  • Players aren’t affected by glare from lighting on their field as or from adjacent fields as a result of the system’s patented glare control technology.
  • Facility managers can turn the lighting on and off from their homes with the touch of a smart phone, eliminating the need for extra staffing or late-night trips to the complex to manually flip switches.
  • The community won’t have to pay for any maintenance for 25 years thanks to Musco’s parts and labor warranty, which Sterlington described as the best it’s seen.
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