Stryker Sports Complex

Wichita, Kansas, USA

Stryker Field Soccer Complex

Stryker Sports Complex Becomes Wichita’s First With State-of-the-Art LED Lighting

“We’re always looking for the highest quality out there, and Musco is that company. The customer service is second to none. Working with Musco before, during, and certainly after the project has been fantastic. They come out and make sure the coverage is perfect on all corners of the fields. The athletes and coaches playing out here can’t say enough good things. There’s no glare, nothing getting in their way of playing at their best.”

— Larry Inlow
Programming Director
Stryker Sports Complex

  • Players and fans enjoy a “big time” game experience and better visibility with the system achieving an average of 50 footcandles throughout the complex.
  • Players won’t be blinded by glare, and spill light won’t affect the surrounding area as a result of Musco’s precise aiming and patented visoring technology that directs more previously wasted light back onto the field.
  • Styker’s staff won’t have to manually turn the lights off late at night thanks to the Control-Link® system, allowing them to set schedules far in advance and manage the lights instantly, from anywhere, with the touch of a phone.
  • The complex’s LED system will realize an energy savings of 74 percent compared to if it had opted for metal halide equipment.
  • Complex owners won’t have to pay maintenance costs until the year 2043 and gain long-term peace of mind as a result of Musco’s 25-year parts and labor warranty.
  • The facility can offer more games and attract more tourists to Wichita, serving as an attractive, high-quality sports hub for the community.
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