Arizona State Recreation Fields

Tempe, Arizona, USA

ASU soccer and three recreation fields lit with new Musco LED sports lighting

Arizona State University Completes Multi-Field LED Sports Lighting Project with Musco Technology

The Challenge

The Solution

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™;
Show-Light® entertainment package—soccer stadium

Number of Fixtures: 326

Light Levels:
  • Soccer Stadium: 100 footcandles
  • Artificial Turf Field: 60 footcandles
  • Practice Field 1 and 2: 60 footcandles
  • Recreational Space: 50 footcandles
  • Soccer Stadium: 1.7:1 max: min
  • Artificial Turf Field: 2:1 max: min
  • Practice Field 1 and 2: 2:1 max: min
  • Recreational Space: 2.5:1 max: min
Glare Control at Property Line (by fixture):
  • Avg: 1,255 candela
  • Max: 3,943 candela
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