Taulov Intermodal Facility

Fredericia, Denmark

Taulov Intermodal Facility

Newly Opened Taulov Intermodal Facility Installs Ideal Lighting Solution

A state-of-the-art LED system installed at the Taulov Intermodal Facility meets a wide range of lighting needs at the terminal, while also offering significant cost and energy savings.

Taulov needed a solution that would provide high-quality lighting with uniform distribution, minimize the number of poles, maximize operating space around the poles, and have dimming capabilities to help conserve energy. Fredericia Shipping A/S, which operates the facility, also wanted to reduce operating costs.

  • Better Visibility – Patented glare control technology delivers light uniformity needed at the facility without creating glare for workers
  • Energy Efficient – Cuts energy consumption by 58 percent compared to typical HID lighting equipment
  • Complete System – Offered as a complete system from foundation to poletop that is factory aimed, wired, and tested to ensure reliable operations
  • No Maintenance – Musco’s 10-year parts and labor warranty eliminate maintenance concerns and costs over the next decade

Additionally, dimming controls provide Fredericia Shipping the ability to dim the lighting when full power of the system is not needed. The reduced energy consumption and elimination of maintenance costs will result in a 10-year savings of more than $678,000.

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