University of Detroit Mercy — Titan Field

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit Mercy's Titan Field at night with Musco TLC for LED fixture in the foreground

University of Detroit Mercy Partners with Musco to
Reintroduce Nighttime Sporting Events at Titan Field

The Challenge

The University of Detroit Mercy hadn’t been able to practice or host games during the evening at Titan Field since 1964. Without field lighting, hosting the conference championship soccer tournament was impossible—even after placing first in the division—and scheduling field time for the university’s 17 athletic programs became challenging. To extend the field’s operational hours and allow for higher-level competitions at the facility, school leaders needed a lighting system that would satisfy NCAA Division 1 standards for competition, preserve darkness for homes and roads surrounding the field, and be easy to operate and maintain.

The Solution

Project leaders worked together to determine the specific lighting specifications needed to accomplish their goals, and believed Musco’s Total Light Control – TLC for LED system would best fulfill their needs. The system produces adequate on-field light levels that enables nighttime use of the field and satisfies NCAA light standards for hosting postseason tournaments and competitions. Musco’s patented glare control and visoring technology ensures homes and roads surrounding the facility remain unaffected by the lights while the Control-Link® controls and monitoring service enables simple operation via smartphone. Additionally, Musco’s parts and labor warranty eliminates maintenance costs for the system through the year 2044.

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™
Number of Fixtures: 58
On-Field Light Levels: 75 horizontal footcandles 
Uniformity (max:min): 2:1

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