Tupelo High School

Tupelo, Mississippi, USA

Tupelo High School Baseball Field

Tupelo Matches Elite Baseball Reputation with Elite Stadium Experience Featuring Musco’s LED and Special Effects Lighting

The Challenge

With one of the best baseball programs in the state of Mississippi, Tupelo High School wanted to upgrade the lighting at its field to create an equally impressive game night experience for players and fans. School leaders wanted an advanced LED lighting system that could be retrofitted onto the facility’s existing poles, provide the best possible on-field light quality for better visibility, and offer cutting-edge special effects lighting to create an atmosphere at games that would set the Golden Wave apart at the high school level.

The Solution

Project Facts

System: TLC for LED® technology; Show-Light® entertainment package
Number of Fixtures: 51
Energy Reduction (compared to HID): 75%
Footcandle Average: Infield-50; Outfield-30
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