Valley High School

West Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Valley High School

Valley High School Transforms “Friday Night  Lights” in Iowa with New LED System and Show-Light® Entertainment Package

“The Team at Musco satisfied our lighting needs and more with the upgrade to Valley Stadium. The LED system allows for many creative options when entertaining the crowd with band competitions and during athletic events. Most importantly, these lights will last for a long time and provide many, many students with a great quality experience.”

— Brad Rose
Director of Activities and Athletics
Valley High School

  • Players and fans enjoy an unforgettable game night experience with the system’s variety of exciting light shows for player introductions, halftime, big plays, and post-game celebrations.
  • The school district was able to realize additional savings on its new lighting by retrofitting the TLC for LED system with new structural cross arms onto the stadium’s existing poles.
  • West Des Moines residents living near the stadium aren’t affected by glare or spill light as a result of the system’s patented visoring and precise light control.
  • Fans attending games in the 15,000-seat stadium won’t be blinded due to, again, the system’s patented glare control technology, which set it apart from other LED lighting the school considered.
  • The school district won’t have to pay for maintenance until 2044 with Musco’s 25-year warranty that covers every part and all labor.
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