University of South Dakota - Sanford Coyote Sports Center

Vermillon, South Dakota, USA

Special Effects Lighting Dazzles Audiences at the University of South Dakota

“For us, Musco was an easy choice. They’re the industry leader in sports lighting. For our collegiate facility, we wanted to make sure it had the best lighting in every aspect and Musco fit the bill for us.”

— David Herbster
Director of Athletics
University of South Dakota

Sanford Coyote Sports Center at the University of South Dakota opened in 2016 with a LEED Silver rating, a certification that indicates the environmental efficiency of buildings. For the new basketball and volleyball arena’s lighting, it wasn’t a matter of whether LED was the right choice, it was a matter of which LED solution was right. The University ultimately partnered with Musco, due in large part to its special effects capabilities.

  • In addition to creating an enhanced entertainment atmosphere for games, the flexibility of the special effects technology is ideal for many other types of events like concerts and ceremonies.
  • Coyote basketball and volleyball players aren’t affected by glare from the lighting, thanks to Musco’s patented glare control and expertise in system design and precise positioning of the fixtures.
  • The Center’s energy consumption is reduced by 82 per cent compared to typical metal halide equipment, a key priority given the arena’s LEED Silver rating.
  • Energy efficiency is further enhanced by the system’s instant on/off capabilities, which can operate at full power or dimmed and be managed easily via touch screen.
Sanford Coyote Sports Center Photo Gallery