Ellsworth Air Force Base

Ellsworth, South Dakota, USA

Ellsworth Air Force Base

Ellsworth Air Force Base Utilises TLC for LED® Retrofit to Improve Ramp Visibility and Save Energy

The Challenge

As part of a project to improve energy efficiency throughout Ellsworth Air Force Base in Ellsworth, South Dakota, facility leaders decided to have new apron floodlighting installed at its airfield. The facility’s previous lighting was underperforming and failing to meet necessary light levels. In order to reduce energy consumption and increase light levels and uniformity on the airfield’s ramp areas, Ellsworth needed a partner capable of replacing its existing HPS lighting with an advanced LED retrofit solution.

The Solution

As part of Ellsworth’s energy project, the base worked closely with WBI Energy, the Utility Energy Service Contractor (UESC), and GenPro Energy Solutions—experts in energy efficiency integration and a previous customer of Musco—which resulted in the base turning to Musco for the lighting project. They chose to have a custom Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ system retrofitted onto the facility’s existing support structures. The system increased light levels on the ramp and reduced the base’s carbon footprint.

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ retrofit
Number of Luminaires: 285
Energy Reduction: 65%

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