Facility Management

The successful installation of your sports floodlighting system is by no means the end of the project. To us, it marks the beginning of a long-term commitment to ensure your peace of mind with the most trouble-free solution possible.

Scheduling and Monitoring

With Control-Link™, the scheduling of your floodlights can be done anywhere, at any time, with our mobile app, easy-to-use website, or 24/7 call center. And proactive monitoring by our team at Control-Link Central™ ensures that outages, last-minute changes, or any other problems are handled immediately.

Maintenance and Support

Our 10-year warranty covering parts and labour means you will not have to worry about maintenance costs coming out of your budget, nor will you have to worry about whether something is covered or who’s going to fix the problem. Any time a problem arises, we’ll be there.

And, with the 24/7 monitoring of Control-Link™, if a problem does arise we’ll probably know it before you do.

Daily Report: May 23, 2022

Total Schedules: 23,808

Number of Schedules in the Last 12 Months: 7,685,378
Most Schedules in 1 month: 813,220 (October, 2021)
Number of Calls Received in the Last 12 Months: 293,500

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Service and Mobile Tracking