Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Keystone, South Dakota, USA

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Musco’s LED Lighting Solution Enhances the Visitor Experience at Mount Rushmore

“The Mount Rushmore lighting project by Musco illustrates the many additional benefits that result from good lighting practices including: improved night time visibility and safety, better protection of nocturnal wildlife, and opportunities for local economic development through astronomy based tourism.”

— Karen Trevino
Chief of the National Sounds and Night Skies Division
National Park Service

Musco has had a close partnership with the National Park Service for many years, relighting numerous national parks around the country. Lighting Mount Rushmore presented Musco’s team with several unique challenges, the biggest of which was customising a system that would project more than 1100 feet (335 metres) onto the iconic sculpture, while minimising light spill and sky glow.

Advanced optical controls highlight the aesthetics of the monument, while ensuring light is not spilled into the night sky and natural wildlife area. The new system reduces operating costs at the monument with a 90 per cent reduction of energy consumption and the elimination of maintenance with Musco’s comprehensive 10-year warranty.

The system dramatically enhances the rendering of the memorial’s fine-detailed sculpture with pinpoint light control, presenting a theater-like impression for the memorial’s over two million annual visitors. The system’s instant on/off/dimming capabilities provide opportunities for special effects during presentations and events.

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