London Stadium to Transform Experience for Games, Concerts with New LED Lighting System

November 17, 2020
London Stadium lighting installation
London Stadium to Transform Experience for Games, Concerts with New LED Lighting System
LONDON, ENGLAND–London Stadium is installing a state-of-the-art LED lighting system that will improve visibility and uniformity on the field of play, while also enhancing the overall entertainment experience with cutting-edge special effects technology. In addition to benefits of clarity and brightness, the LED lights improve energy efficiency and promote sustainability with a longer-term solution for event lighting at the venue. Built in 2012 as the heart of the Summer Olympics and Summer Paralympics, London Stadium quickly gained international recognition for hosting a wide array of major events. Some of these have included English Premier League fixtures, the Rugby World Cup, the Race of Champions, Major League Baseball’s first game played in Europe, and concerts by some of the world’s most popular artists. London Stadium recently determined the time was right to utilise advanced LED light source technology as a way to create an even better atmosphere for players, performers, and fans attending events live or watching from around the world. The upgrade ensures the venue complies to the comprehensive standards across the calendar of events, from Premier League football to international world-class athletic meets. The adaptability of the lights will enhance the experience for concert goers during the summer months at the stadium. Graham Gilmore, CEO, London Stadium, said “as a venue we pride ourselves on giving the visitor the best possible experience, regardless of the occasion. The upgrade to LED lights allows us to do that across our multi-event calendar, ensuring we meet the highest standards of sports and concerts at the stadium. We are looking forward to welcoming fans back, when it’s safe to return, so they can enjoy the improvements we’ve implemented.” After extensive research into various manufacturers across the globe, project leaders chose to partner with Musco Lighting, which has installed custom systems utilising its Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ technology at other major venues, including Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Wembley Stadium, the San Siro, and Aviva Stadium, among others. Musco is customising a system that will adapt to London Stadium’s unique architectural features—including its reconfigurable lower-tier bowl and the longest cantilevered roof in the world—to deliver uniform, high-quality lighting to the pitch without creating disruptive glare. The lights will meet UEFA, Elite A, Rugby, IAAF, and English Premier League standards. The investment includes the infrastructure for event partners to mount moving spotlights, facilitating the opportunity to add their own special effects, using controls provided by StadiumFX. These include light-to-sound synchronisation, enabling individual fixtures around the stadium to synch with music for exciting new light shows. The electrical and mechanical installation is being led by DMC, which has partnered with Musco and StadiumFX on several other recent projects. “The London Stadium is unique in its design and architecture, which we believe lends itself well to the features of our lighting system and the specific design we’ve developed for this project,” said Chris Limpach, General Manager for Musco Europe. “We know it will be a challenging installation, with the new system being installed during the current season, but we’re very confident in the experienced team we’ve assembled.” Floodlight energy consumption at London Stadium will be reduced by more than 50 per cent compared to the previous lights, and the Stadium will significantly reduce maintenance costs well into the future as a result of Musco’s long-term warranty that covers all parts and labour. Specialist advisers Griffiths Evans have been retained by the London Stadium to oversee the installation.

About London Stadium

Built to host London 2012, the former Olympic Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is home to Premier League football club West Ham United and UK Athletics. With rock concerts through the intervening months, the versatile venue has hosted the Rugby World Cup in 2015, international and domestic Rugby Union, The Race of Champions, the RFL Four Nations and was home for the first Major League Baseball games to be played in Europe in 2019.

About Musco Lighting

Since 1976, Musco has specialised in the design and manufacture of sports and large-area lighting with innovations in light quality, glare reduction, and light control responsible to the needs of facility owners, users, neighbours, and the night sky. Musco’s TLC for LED® system technology delivers a level of light control and uniformity that can’t be matched, and is the solution of choice for neighbourhood fields, collegiate and professional stadiums and arenas, international speedways, and global events such as the Olympic Games. Musco backs its LED solutions with a long-term warranty covering parts and labour, eliminating maintenance concerns and costs for its customers.

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