TLC for LED® - Total Light Control

TLC for LED™

For nearly a decade, the Musco Team has been testing the LED light source and applying it on projects where it was the best choice. While LED saved energy, for a typical recreational facility the hours of operation weren’t great enough to offset the higher cost.

We’ve researched LED’s distinctive challenges and advantages and applied our knowledge of light control to the unique characteristics of the diode, assuring the quality of lighting for which Musco is known. Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is a new tool but issues for floodlighting are the same.

We’ve paired our expertise in controlling light with the advancing output of LED to the point where we’re confident it’s a cost-effective option to consider for recreational facilities.

The result is a system that makes Musco’s great lighting even better.

Better for athletes…
who want to perform their best and be able to track the entire flight of the ball.

Better for neighbours…
who don’t want glare in or around their homes or lights left on when not in use.

Better for the night sky…
with bright, uniform light directed onto the pitch and not spilling above it.

Better for your budget…
an affordable system that’s built to last and control operating costs.

And… you can mark maintenance off your list for 10 years!

The Musco Team looks for the best combination of issues to achieve a solution to meet your needs— from structures, to quality of on-pitch light, to off-site impact, to energy and costs.