Waste Management — Columbia Ridge Landfill

Arlington, Oregon, USA

Waste Management — Columbia Ridge Landfill

Musco’s Light-Structure System™ Saves Landfill $400,000 in Construction Costs

Located in north central Oregon, Columbia Ridge Landfill provides disposal services for the Pacific Northwest. To improve the quality of the working environment after sunset, Waste Management officials decided to illuminate the nearly one-mile-long rail transfer station.

The project was originally specified to include 54 lighting columns mounted on large foundations that were 5 feet (1.5 metres) in diameter and 22 feet (7 metres) deep. To accommodate the massive amount of required concrete, additional access roads would have to be built to transport heavy construction equipment and concrete trucks. In a search for a better solution, the contractor reached out to the lighting experts at Musco.

Musco’s engineers quickly designed a custom lighting solution for the rail transfer station, using its Light-Structure System™ with TLC for LED® technology. Resulting in reduced number of columns and luminaires, while maintaining the same light levels. Utilising the system’s precast concrete foundation, construction material costs were reduced by nearly $400,000, the need for additional access roads was eliminated, and the installation process was cut by months.

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