World Equestrian Center — Grand Outdoor Arena

Ocala, Florida, USA

Musco's TLC for LED system shines on the Grand Outdoor Arena at the World Equestrian Center

World Equestrian Center Gets Ready for Showtime
with LED Technology from Musco

The Challenge

The Solution

“Musco has done a great job and the lights have been nothing but phenomenal. We especially appreciate that this lighting does not cause shadows in the arena, which could be problematic for both human and equine athletes. Their warranty and service is hands down the best. They answer every time we call, they’re quick to respond, and are very helpful.”

— Vinnie Card
Director of Operations
World Equestrian Center

Project Facts

System – Total Light Control – TLC for LED™
Number of Fixtures – 208
Energy Reduction (compared to typical HID equipment) – 57%
Footcandle Average – 150
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