Whitsett Fields Park

North Hollywood, California, USA

Whitsett Recreation Center Soccer Fields

Musco's LED Technology Helps Transform an Underutilized Field into One of L.A.'s Premier Soccer Complexes

The Challenge

Whitsett Fields Park in North Hollywood, California, recently underwent a major renovation which added seven soccer fields and transitioned the playing surfaces to artificial turf. This renovation occurred as a result of the city’s desire to turn a field into a premier soccer complex. The facility’s location in a densely populated area and near a major highway meant that any lighting would have to deliver exceptional glare and spill control to avoid affecting neighbors and highway drivers. The partner would also need to guide the project in terms of permits and regulations required by the city.

The Solution

Project Facts

System: TLC for LED® technology
Number of Fixtures: 116
Energy Reduction: 78%
Average Footcandle: 30

Whitsett Fields Park Center Photo Gallery