Woodland Hills High School Soccer

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Woodland Hills High School Soccer

Woodland Hills High School Brings Night Games to Players for the First Time with Musco LED System

The Challenge

Woodland Hills High School wanted a lighting system at its soccer field for roughly 20 years, however due to spill light and glare concerns from neighbors, the project was never allowed to move ahead. The field’s location at the top of the hill presented additional challenges, as any lighting at the facility would have to meet strict spill and glare control standards to avoid negatively affecting neighbors’ homes at the bottom of the hill. The school also had concerns about its newly installed turf and wanted to make sure the installation of any new lights wouldn’t damage the field.

The Solution

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™
Number of Fixtures: 36
Energy Reduction: 78%
Footcandle Average: 50

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